The staging

Why a director? Isn’t singing enough in itself ?

The stage director is essential to the artist, as he is a kind of conductor who knows how to direct artists without eliminating their creativeness; he must respect the intrinsic logic of the work or creation, he must choose the singers, take care of the costumes, the makeup, the lighting, the music, and the staging. The goal of both the stage director and the artist is to make the performance a real success both to the eye and to the ear.

As for an actor, he is like a mirror allowing the singer to draw out the best of his or her artistic and dramatic potential for the sole purpose of one thing: the performance. More than a mere staging, the director helps to highlight hidden aspects which have a potential that the artist sometimes isn’t aware of.

"The beauty of an operatic voice can move us to tears, but when combined with a precise and living interpretation, it touches the soul."
Maria Callas